This urgency to give voice. A story that demands to be told. In spite of fear, in spite of taboo, in spite of expectations and rationality and questions. In spite of it all. A story whose time has come. Whose story.  Because it has a life of its own. It breathes. It carries memory. ItContinue reading “Voice”

How Two Dreams Helped Me Cope with Pregnancy Loss

The first dream was two weeks ago: I am in a bus. We are nearing the place that is in the snowy hill; it is beautiful out. I look up and see these huge white cranes, morphing, dancing in the sky. I point and tell everyone but nobody seems to see them. The second dream quicklyContinue reading “How Two Dreams Helped Me Cope with Pregnancy Loss”

Finding My Village after Losing My Mom

The last few weeks I’ve found myself fantasizing about what it would be like to have my mom around. I doubt this is healthy, but it goes like this: I envision her showing up and going to work. She would get my kitchen really clean—sparkling, lemon-fresh clean. She would brush my daughter’s hair, patiently untanglingContinue reading “Finding My Village after Losing My Mom”

Sleep. Writing. Time alone. What’s on your list?

Last night I found this list tucked away in my journal: Sleep. writing. time alone. It took me a moment to realize what I was looking at. Then I remembered it was from a journaling workshop I participated in before Christmas. The question that was asked on the call was: What is essential to yourContinue reading “Sleep. Writing. Time alone. What’s on your list?”