When ABBA speaks directly to your soul!

I’ll confess: I’m a DANCING QUEEN. Mamma mia let me tell you I love their songs. I had a dream I was their biggest fan. It’s the name of the game right? Knowing me, knowing you, this love-fest could go on forever. There is a point to all this I promise. (You are all like,Continue reading “When ABBA speaks directly to your soul!”

A song for my mother, a year later

Tomorrow will mark a year since I sang a song for my mother, an experience that still gives me goosebumps. Everything about that experience was infused with loving grace. I’m writing another post for tomorrow, but in the meantime I thought I’d share that post from last year.

Don’t give up. Peter Gabriel is here to hug you.

This week has been intense. INTENSE. I keep using that word because nothing else quite describes it. It hasn’t been bad necessarily, but it seems like each day once I catch my breath another fire pops up that I need to put out. Phew.  I’m just riding the waves and hoping they calm soon. AndContinue reading “Don’t give up. Peter Gabriel is here to hug you.”

Calling All Angels

  We never know when we might be channeling some light. Or reflecting light. I don’t know how it all works. All I know is that yesterday was one of those magical days where it felt like everyone was in the right place at the right time. Yesterday I took my seat in church choir rehearsalContinue reading “Calling All Angels”

Dueling pianos

All the moms need to see Bad Moms, not because it’s that funny (it’s a little funny! Kristen Bell you guys….she is my immaginary BFF). But because you gotta go out with the girls and then go dance to Outkast at the dueling piano bar. Seriously. The best. I gotta go, they are playing PurpleContinue reading “Dueling pianos”