Mom, Mary, & Me

I've long seen my mom in Mary, but it is only now that I realize my mom saw a bit of Mary in me, too. As I went off to college, graduated and moved to bigger cities in states far from home, got my first suit, my first apartment. As she watched me experiencing all the highs and lows that come with tossing your proverbial hat in the air as a single working woman. As she saw me live out some of the Mary Richards' experiences she never had.

Wishing You a Very Andy Williams Christmas

Guess which Christmas song is my daughter's favorite? A live recording of Andy Williams performing what might be the cheesiest, grooviest  rendition of Jingle Bells that you have EVER HEARD. Those dancers! The jazzy flutes! I cannot get enough of this song. What makes it extra special is that this cheesy CD was a … Continue reading Wishing You a Very Andy Williams Christmas

Taking the Long View

Grief is seriously unreasonable sometimes. Last night I found myself getting annoyed with the photos I took in my teenage/twenty-something-years. And no, it wasn't because of my fashion choices, though some of those were suspect. (Hello high-waist jeans and flannel shirts.)  I am talking about the subjects of these photos, or lack thereof. So very few of these photos include my mom. … Continue reading Taking the Long View