Who Killed JR? His toddler who refused to sleep!

Flashback to 1983. My parents are watching Dallas in the basement with their friends. I'm at the top of the stairs, trying not to squeak the steps, hunched in a nightgown with my knees pulled tight. Of course my mom sees me and yep, she is upset. Despite her frustration she lets me sit on the floor and join them in watching the number one show of 1983. My mom had to do this a lot--put up with a kid who was awake until all hours of the night. Usually it was just the two of us. She'd let me watch Love Boat on the tiny black and white TV in our kitchen while she made popcorn. Initially she would be exasperated (Of COURSE she was, adult Sarah gets it now!) but she always softened and lovingly let me join her in her late night routine. Let me write it out right here in case my prayers haven't reached my mother: MOM I AM SO SORRY FOR WHAT I PUT YOU THROUGH. MOM HOW DID YOU DO IT. MOM YOU POOR WOMAN YOU NEVER. GOT. A. BREAK! Why the sudden mea culpas? [Read More]

The time I tried to lure my child to sleep with ambient music

I read about some music that has been proven by science to be the most relaxing and I thought, a HA! WE WILL TRY THIS. So while my husband was trying to get the kid to sleep I listened to it to try it out. I nearly fell asleep. Oh this was good. When it was (inevitably) my turn to take over trying to get this child to go the f to sleep, I brought my handy music playlist. This is a recap of how it went down...

Pour me some hot water and get me a lemon! Change is in the air.

Today I'm savoring my cup of coffee today more than ever. First of all I have a cross breeze flowing through my house. It is glorious. I opened the back doors to the lanai and the fresh air is tickling my toes! Oh it is a sight to behold. It is officially the time of … Continue reading Pour me some hot water and get me a lemon! Change is in the air.


Last night my child got over-tired and wouldn't sleep, perhaps because she went to sleep a five minutes early or maybe it was because it was five minutes late, I don't know. Maybe it is this lunar eclipse that is a full moon in pisces with its "surge of emotional energy" or maybe it is because we tried to put her to sleep on a day ending with a "y"...nobody knows. My child requires precision with her bedtime routine and if you veer off course, hold onto your hats folks. Well, you may recall that yesterday I was a tad sleep-deprived. So there it was, 9 pm at night and it is already two hours past my kid's bedtime and I am SUPER CRANKY and yelling at my kid to GO TO SLEEP NOW. Because that is always effective. And my child runs to the living room, suddenly naked, because she has decided to strip any and all clothes off of herself of course. So she is lying upside-down naked on the couch and is being RIDICULOUSLY silly. Making jokes and laughing. And I stood there and I WAS SO MAD THAT SHE WAS BEING FUNNY.

The Tale of the Chocolate in the Night

Let this be a cautionary tale, lest you too find yourself up with a sugar-and-caffiene-fueled-pre-schooler at 1:30 in the morning. Let's review the timeline of events. 6:43 pm: A mother and her three-year-old shop at Costco. They happen upon a large jar of Kirkland Brand Dark Chocolate Covered Raisins. The mother says, shhhh don't tell daddy we … Continue reading The Tale of the Chocolate in the Night

When it feels like the world is falling apart (Trump with nuclear weapons anyone?)

This post was inspired by hearing about Donald Trump's fascination with nuclear weapons. Nuclear apocalypse tends to invoke a little bit of unease, now doesn't it. It's hard not to flee to Canada react with fear to all the things currently imploding in the world. My husband and I have remarked more than once in the last several … Continue reading When it feels like the world is falling apart (Trump with nuclear weapons anyone?)