The Final Push (This Might Hurt)

I’ve had a huge amount of crap healing work surface this past week. The kind of stuff that a year from now I will look back on and muse, that was so powerful and worth every painful moment. But when you are living it? Total and utter bologna. In fact, I have decided 2016 hasContinue reading “The Final Push (This Might Hurt)”

How do you solve a problem like more loss? PART II of the healing journey! (With Sound of Music gifs!)

It is DAY TWO of the blogging series about my healing journey – can you handle the excitement?! Do you have your coffee ready?! I will recap yesterday’s post. The start of the journey, if you will, in one long run-on sentence: My mom dies in 2013, I am very very sad (as one would be),Continue reading “How do you solve a problem like more loss? PART II of the healing journey! (With Sound of Music gifs!)”

Feeding the Feminine

It might be that I simply dreamed about an almost-dead cat. But I’d like to think it was something more: A sign that I am starting to feed the feminine, magical side of my psyche. Two nights ago I had a dream that I came home to discover a long-forgotten cat. I found her lying on the floor andContinue reading “Feeding the Feminine”

How Two Dreams Helped Me Cope with Pregnancy Loss

The first dream was two weeks ago: I am in a bus. We are nearing the place that is in the snowy hill; it is beautiful out. I look up and see these huge white cranes, morphing, dancing in the sky. I point and tell everyone but nobody seems to see them. The second dream quicklyContinue reading “How Two Dreams Helped Me Cope with Pregnancy Loss”