If My Toddler Hosted Parties

Welcome, come in! Please take off your shoes. And your pants. And shirt. Would you like a bite to eat? Please, follow me to the kitchen. I have pulled a chair up to the freezer door. Would you like a poggissle? I have red, purple, and orange. No. You CAN’T HAVE THE RED. THAT’S MYContinue reading “If My Toddler Hosted Parties”

It’s a “Bluetiful” Christmas

After we lit our Christmas tree this year, my nearly three-year-old daughter stood back and declared, “it’s bluetiful mommy!” She didn’t realize it but her mispronunciation rang true. It is a blue Christmas. It’s a beautiful Christmas. It is bluetiful.* I am slowly, ever so slowly, starting to accept that bluetiful is the new normal. Continue reading “It’s a “Bluetiful” Christmas”

How I learned to embrace 6AM and write in stolen time

My grandfather Karl woke up every day at 5:30 am. Voluntarily. I am not normally a Karl. Not by a long shot. I’m more of a watch-Gilmore Girls-Reruns-until-1am kind of gal. That is, until recently. My toddler wakes up early. Like 6am early. I used to dread these mornings. I would barter with my husband inContinue reading “How I learned to embrace 6AM and write in stolen time”

An Ocean of Tears Larger than the Four Oceans

It has been a heart-wrenching couple of days. On Sunday, my husband found out that his colleague’s wife and son were in a horrible car accident. This morning we received word that his son passed away from injuries sustained in the crash. It is hard to type that sentence. It is an unthinkable loss thatContinue reading “An Ocean of Tears Larger than the Four Oceans”

This is why I don’t clean.

That time you swept and mopped your entire (tile) house from stem to stern and your toddler proceeded to spill the bucket of dirty water on said clean floors. And an hour later scattered the entire contents of a salt shaker around the house. And then peed on the bathroom floor for good measure. Ahhh,Continue reading “This is why I don’t clean.”

Why I Started this Blog

I thought I’d take a moment to welcome you and to share a little bit about why I started Mourning Dove Motherhood. The real reason sounds slightly crazy, but it is the truth, and I’m a truth-teller. So here it is. The seeds of this blog came about on the first anniversary of losing myContinue reading “Why I Started this Blog”

One Year After My Mom’s Passing: Overthinking the Deathversary

I’m just going to throw it out there: deathversaries are hard. There is no avoiding the grief that bubbles up. I knew that marking the first year without my mom would be difficult, so I planned a day with nothing to do other than take care of me. Well, that isn’t entirely true. I plannedContinue reading “One Year After My Mom’s Passing: Overthinking the Deathversary”