About the Blog

Welcome! I’m Sarah. I write and make art. I believe in hope, love and coffee. (Not necessarily in that order. A girl needs to caffeinate.)  I’m so glad you found me. The internet is so very big and all. Please say hi, for real! I will say hello back (unless you are a Russian bot. Be gone, all ye Russian bots.)

What is this blog about?

I think words have magic. They help us transmute pain and find connection. When I started this blog I was grieving a whole lot of stuff. (Be sure to check out my healing journey as told with Sound of Music gifs. You’re welcome.)  Writing cracked open my heart  and has taken me on a journey I could never have expected. (Like, discovering I have a passion for painting birds. Who knew? I tell you…magical!)

What posts should I read? 

Listen, I’m not Amazon. I cannot predict your reading preference with near pinpoint accuracy. However, a lot of people like the following according to “data” and “clicks.”  Maybe you will too!

What’s the deal with the mourning dove?

Oh, she has a story. It is here.

How did the blog start? (This is the grief bit.)

I’m glad you asked. 

The origin of my blog sounds like a sad country-western song.

My mom and me.
The year was 2013. My mom had recently passed away after a long battle with cancer. I had recently relocated to America’s Australia Florida with my husband, infant daughter, dying cat, and (soon-to-be-flea-ridden) beagles. I had no job. No friends or family within 1200 miles. 

Life was, in short, craptastically bad.  

Suffering has one thing going for it: it shakes you out of the status quo. I wisely listened to the small, still voice. For one year I wrote, privately and alone, before finally hitting publish on this blog.

That, my friends, was the best decision I have made in a long time. I found my voice. I found healing . And most importantly, I found you. I don’t believe any of us can do it alone. I believe community heals us, and I invite you to join me on this messy heartbreak-meets-love adventure.  And please, introduce yourself below. I’d love to follow your journey, too.

xoxo Sarah

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