About the Blog 2019

“Just follow the joy!”

That’s what I heard in a meditation about a year ago. Where do I go next? What now? I had journeyed for years (I MEAN YEARS!), dismantling the old, shedding what no longer served, purification-galore! But what next?

Art my own.

Which brought me to the answer (for now): Follow the joy! Just follow the joy.

Sounds like a good plan to me! I invite you to join me as I follow the joy in my own life and encourage you to follow your own, too. I write and muse about all sorts of things, often with a dose of humor, a parenting story or two, and nuggets of wisdom that I credit the Great Mother with, not my little bitty self. I’m here to put on what I know and pass along what I learn along the way.

Welcome! Please do say hello. I would love to hear how you found me!

(Also – if you are more into Instagram you can find me @JustFollowtheJoy and on Facebook too. Say hello over there so I can follow you too! Toodles for now!)