About the Blog

Hi there. I’m Sarah, the forty-one-year-old woman pictured you see climbing a tree! How did I find myself up there? Well, it’s a long story but the short answer was that I was simply following the joy!

After years of letting go, healing, transmuting, releasing, I found myself with a question: what the heck comes next? The answer I heard from my wisest self, the self that whispers and doesn’t play games, was that I needed to follow the joy.

Huh?! These instructions were a little vague for my liking. I mean, I gotta pay the bills, highest self. Could you be a little more specific here? No she could not. LOL!!

As a fan of the mantra “Trust but verify” I continued to check-in with myself, during meditation, while walking my beagles, and always the answer was — you guess it–just follow the joy!

I finally relented — OK UNIVERSE I’LL “EXPERIENCE JOY” OR WHATEVER–and it’s led me to a beautiful place. Home to myself! Where my passions and joy resides. Which brings me back to the tree.

One of my most favoritest things as a child was to climb trees. I was like a little Jane Goodall up there, with my notebook and pencil, just drawing and dreaming about the world for hours. (Or for what felt like hours.) If I was going to find that magic again, I figured I should try some of the adventures that made my heart sing when I was young. So that led me to climbing a tree. I sat up there for an hour and was transported back to a place beyond time. The sights, sounds, smells…all magical.

So I’m spending more time in trees, more time doing art–all the things that make my heart sing! I’m on a grand adventure to see where it all takes me. Want in? Follow along and see where it can take you too! #Justfollowthejoy!

Art my own.

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