2 thoughts on “The Girl Who Sat in Trees

  1. I love this so much. I love the way you write. 😌✌🏼💓 Isn’t it amazing how life sometimes pushes us back to seeing that creative spark buried deeply within? Illness helped me find it. I know you meant more than the literal tree part, but I was that girl too. I spent so much time climbing trees, making tree houses, hiding in trees as a kid, playing with friends and creatures that only my mind could conjure . You drew pictures, I etched into the bark. It was freedom and a portal to anywhere I could imagine. Thank you for this beautiful post! ☺️

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    • Thank you so much for your kind compliment! I love that you have magical memories of being in trees too. They are amazing. Portals for sure! And yes life has a way of waking us up when we need to be woken, doesn’t it?! I hope you are doing healthy and well, and how beautiful that you were able to see the hidden gifts in the illness. May we keep igniting that spark we felt as kids up in the tree houses!! (And thanks so much for reading and your lovely comment!)

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