I am called to listen to the sound of my own heart

“I am called to listen to the sound of my own heart—to write the story within myself that demands to be told at that particular point in my life. And if I do this faithfully, clothing that idea in the flesh of human experience and setting it in a true place, the sound from my heart will resound in the reader’s heart.”

Katherine Paterson 


    1. It was so-so. I think it could be really good but it felt frantic — the format was that she sent prompts through email and then there were lots of posts/videos/live facebook video in a private facebook group. I found it hard to keep track and stay on top of everything and I know I wasn’t alone in that feedback. I think once she works out the kinks it might be better, although my hunch is that she shines the most in live workshops.

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      1. Good to know! There are probably lots of kinks to work out when transitioning from live workshops to an online format. From what I understand, her workshops are very physical so I was curious how that would translate. I’m sure your hunch is spot on!

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      2. I forgot to mention that the course included a fifteen day pass to Yogisanonymous’s website, which I really loved! I think she has the right components but just needs to figure out a delivery system that works. It’s tricky for sure!

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