This Is Not A Blog Post

This is not a blog post. It looks like a blog post but it isn’t really one. It is me sitting down attempting to write even though I am tired and grumpy and everyone in my house is either grumpy or sick.

My only hope to turn things around are pumpkins. How I love them. My daughter does too. The problem with pumpkins in Florida is that they rot really quickly. Depending on how my daughter is feeling maybe we will go to a pretend pumpkin patch this weekend (I say pretend because pumpkins don’t really grow in subtropical climates do they??)

We will get a pumpkin and keep it in our fridge until Halloween. Just kidding. There isn’t room in my fridge! We will keep in on an inside table where it won’t be scorched by the sun. And we will eat apples and pretend it is Michigan in the fall.

Looks like I need to wrap up this sham of a blog post. My daughter is making “sand art” using garlic powder she somehow adhered to construction paper. That would be my cue to go….






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