Fits and Starts, Leaps and Halts

This past week felt like a ride in an old jalopy. I had creative bursts, some of them so disruptive that I felt tossed about and thrown off my seat…only to then be followed with abrupt stops that ground me to a halt.

It felt like this in my home too, where I couldn’t seem to get a grip on anything. Not the messes, the child who seemed to be acting out at every turn, not the errands that needed running or the clothes I was CERTAIN would be folded and put away for once. (Maybe another week.) Of course, toddler plus illness plus lack of sleep plus unexpected wet bed plus laundry pile (and on and on…) equals off kilter indeed. It doesn’t take much.

You never know who will take these moments in stride. Not to gloat or anything but between my husband and me, I tend to be the one who does well with disruptions in routine. Yet, this time around it was him patiently adapting to it all, as I was triggered with anger and melodrama by the smallest of things.

artwork my own

Exhale. Return to breath and meet it with love. Return to writing. To movement. To the bird feeder, at last refilled with seeds (one errand accomplished –by my husband of course!) and now populated with three mourning doves, a woodpecker and a female cardinal.

Namaste, friends. Hoping for a week that finds its stride!

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