No words, just art

Two days in a row now I’ve sat down in the morning with my coffee and an intention to write…and two days in a row I have decided to draw and paint instead. Either way, a very good way to start the day, and I am grateful for that! I am sure the words will return soon.

I created this little Florida scene and thought I would share with you all. It features (one) of my favorite little birds, the Ibis.  These cool little birds are common place where I live. Isn’t that just amazing? Not exactly a bird I saw growing up in the Midwest, I will tell you that! Anyway, ibises are a hoot to watch. They typically travel in groups and peck at the ground looking for bugs. It isn’t uncommon to see a group of ten or twelve of them crossing the yard en masse. They make themselves quite at home, too. They don’t seem to mind sharing the space with the odd squirrel or a few mourning doves.

Well, with one exception. Beagles. They are spooked by two old, loud, barking beagles running toward them, and I certainly can’t blame them for that.

artwork my own. Copyright Sarah Osmer Dimattina


Update: after posting I went outside and what did I see but a small flock of ibises! Well played, universe.


      1. Again another similarity. That was me this spring with poetry and some of my art. I had kept up minimally throughout the years, but engulfed myself in it only to find it bursting to get out. Grateful every day to have opened the flood gates. As I am sure you are, as well.

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      2. Playing catch-up, sorry this took so long for me to reply! Wow, we definitely share a similar journey don’t we? That gives me goosebumps. And yes, it feels like flood gates have opened, that is a great analogy. I keep marveling at what is pouring forth.

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  1. I loved the way you followed your creativity–so necessary to allow ourselves expression with whichever media move us. Your drawing is stunning! And I always feel like we are living parallel lives–my husband loves photographing the glossy ibis that live in the protected marsh near our home. These ibis are black, so striking. I don’t ever remember seeing them as a child. I think they’ve only begun to repopulate. I see a children’s book in your near future!

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    1. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond! I totally agree that our lives are strangely parallel – I mean, your name is even Sarah! What chances right?! That is so cool that your husband photographs the glossy ibis! We occasionally see those as well in the springtime. Thank you so much for the compliments on the art too. I really do need to start thinking about that children’s book! P.s. Are you doing the bullet journal? I am LOVING it and am so glad you shared those resources. Pretty sure I wouldn’t have explored it further if you hadn’t!

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      1. Yes, and we’re both Sarahs–with an “h”! I’m still bullet journaling and loving it, too! I’m so glad you liked those posts. I bet your journal has beautiful lettering and sketches. Mine is plain but really helps keep me organized!

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