Squirrels, diiiiiings and a cause for celebration! 

Today has been melancholy. Blah. So MONDAY-ish. Maybe it was the return to work after a great day at the beach with dear friends who were visiting from out-of-state. Maybe it was the post-deathversary-grief. (Grief, after all, is the gift that keeps on giving.) Maybe it was that first thing this morning what did I see but the darn tootin’ squirrel scaling my bird feeder. (Well, I showed him. I sprayed more PAM on the pole. Yes, cooking spray. Try to scale that pole now buddy.)

So yeah. Bummer-ville today. But then this afternoon I hear my favorite little diiiiiiinnnnng –that is the noise on my phone when someone likes a post on my blog! It is like a warm-fuzzy snuggle-hug every time I hear it!

It turns out that WordPress was notifying me for a different reason–this popped up!

IT IS MY SECOND WORDPRESS ANNIVERSARY! Ok where is my cotton you guys??

TWO YEARS. Ahh the memories. But wait–I’ve only been posting since November 18th, 2015. What gives?

Remember how I told the story about how on the first deathversary I went to a beach and waxed poetic and got bit by bugs and angry at life and then had an epiphony that I should start this blog?? That day was two years ago to this day! I hit publish – but the blog was secret so nobody saw it.

I continued to write privately for one full year. 

And then, last November...I published it. It took one year plus exactly TWO more months. Baby steps!

Anyway, I love that now on the day after the anniversary of my mom’s passing I have a wordpressversary to ding and cheer me up. 

Thanks for reading, friends. For all the dinnnngs and comments and love. 






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