Peach Fuzz



I sometimes forget just how new my three-year-old is to this world.

This morning she asked if she could eat a peach whole. I happily obliged and realized it was the first time she’s ever cradled one in her hands and bit into it like an apple. She’s had sliced peaches, canned peaches, but I am pretty sure this was her first one eaten whole.

She bit into it the peach leaving sweet little tiny bite marks. But after a few minutes she stomped over to me demanding a new peach.

I asked her what was wrong.

“This one has little hairs on it, Mommy! All over it!”

Oh my goodness, she was talking about peach fuzz

CC license. Photo source.

To be fully present to life and all of its details!

Today I am sniffing and rubbing a peach on my cheek, a reminder from my three-year-old that all details of this life contain wonder if we let them.

(Although let’s be honest: nothing about this peach is magical to her. She came back a few minutes later demanding a peach without the red parts. You know, the part of the peach nearest to the pit. If my daughter had her way, she’d be genetically engineering fuzz-less peaches without red bits in the middle.)

Wait, did I just describe a nectarine? Yes, I think I did. 

Has your young child shared an observation with their fresh little eyes that made you go wow!? Share below, and thanks for reading! ~ Sarah



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