‘His name is Bob’ and other thoughts from the three-year old.

I have a secret. 

The bee on the Honey Nut Cheerio’s box is named Bob.

According to my daughter at least, who whispered that to me this morning.

(She was close. Wikipedia says his name is Buzz.)

Another version of the chemist game. Future scientist or bartender?

This morning was a jolly romp of chasing each other to the bathroom (she won the pee-pee race in case you were wondering), snuggling under a blanket to watch Dinosaur Train, and playing chemist on the kitchen floor. My name for the game, not hers. She takes little cups of water and dumps, sorts, stirs, arranges and, when it spills (it always does) she then cleans it up. She is a weird and wonderful one, my child.

The morning ended with me frantically putting hair into lopsided pigtails because that was the best we were gonna get before she finished sorting her shoes on her play slide. I realize that statement makes no sense to anyone unless they have a three-year-old. But trust me. She wasn’t going to last beyond the shoe-sorting game. 

The pre-schooler with wild hair, in mommy’s shoes and carrying around a bird feeder. Because why not?

Yesterday I was looking through some photos of my daughter from when she was around one year old. I was searching for a picture of a friend and ended up getting distracted by this tiny version of my daughter. Her arms were SO CHUBBY it is almost too much to handle. She was sporting a band-aid even then. (Always with the boo-boos from some kind of raucous adventure.) She had an intense look on her face, highly suspect of you taking her photo.

Oh but to breathe in the smell of that baby 15-month-old’s hair.

I cannot help but sound like an elderly aunt: I cannot believe how fast you have grown. 

All I can do is stay present to what she is right now. To her lip with dried yogurt, her feet in my way-too-large shoes, and her little whispers to me about Bob, the Honey Nut Cheerios bee. 

Do you have a kids who are growing way too fast? Isn’t it just astounding?






  1. plainmama says:

    See. You mother as I do. Taking in every moment you get like it could be the last. Soaking up everything they are at that age, good and … Not so good 🙂. But all of it is them and that is also you since the connection feels fluid and we are one. Oh, I loved this. Especially the yogurt covered lip. Something about that and you noting it is so very special. It is those things you will read back on and it will transport you to these days of her life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you for such a thoughtful comment. I am so glad to hear that it will be good to read back on later. I really wished I had started writing regularly when my daughter was very young, because there is so much more I would have captured. But at least I have started now. 🙂


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