a bit of housekeeping. And: I want *your* instagram links please!

Hello – some updates!

copyright of Instagram. 

1.I am now on instagram! Well, I have been for a while. But I kinda forgot about it. But then I remembered. And now I shall be an instagrammer galore. Let the fun begin!

And with that in mind…a request! Please leave your instagram handle/name/link/whatever-it-is-called in the comments. I would love to follow all of you lovelies!

copyright Keeping Mum.

2. I am going to have an original piece posted on a new blog called Keeping Mum. The site is a place to share stories from motherhood for “mums without mums” – said in a British accent because the founder is British. Check out the site, and stay tuned…I’m excited to share more details soon.

3. My daughter put little nail polishes in my shoes and I found them this morning. So sweet and funny. (And, practicing using instagram so yay.)

that is all for now. Don’t forget: leave your social media links so I can follow the heck out of you crazy kids!



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