Full throttle. That is how the day starts with my daughter. This was the first five minutes of our day:


Arrive at her room where she is tucked behind the shade, looking out her window.

“Daddy there is a bug! Daddy take the bug away!” (Daddy is the bug-taker-away-person.) Daddy takes the tiny ant away.

“Mommy why is this colored like this?  I don’t like this color. (It is marble. Marble is sort of fancy! I tell her.) “I don’t like fancy. What about this color. Why can’t it be blue? Blue is fancy! Mommy let’s paint it blue!” I mumble something about maybe! (No not really.)

“This is where I peed on the bed the other day!” (Pointing.) (Oh dear.) (Good thing I washed the sheets yesterday.)

Time to make coffee.

“Oh let me push the button! Why are you out of coffee? We need to buy coffee!” (YES YES WE DO.)

(Pushes button.)

I leave the room for a moment.

CLASH!! BANG!! BANNNNG! BANG! (Marching through the kitchen naked whilst banging two pan lids together.)

“Olivia!!! Too early Olivia!” (Not my daughter’s name – a reference to the character Olivia who is a precocious pig whom my daughter channels WAY TOO FREQUENTLY.)

Oh and did I mention it is an in-service day so daycare is closed today. Darn you daycare and your “training of staff to make sure they are competent with my child”!

Time to go buy more coffee!


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  1. Dana says:

    Ha! So funny. We love the Olivia books, but not when my kids act like Olivia 🙂 Hope you got your coffee!


  2. Sounds like my Abby! She’s ready to go as soon as she gets up. I’ve had to start getting up an hour earlier so I can enjoy my coffee and quiet time…quietly. Ha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Love it and glad I’m not alone in the struggle! (Can’t wait to read your blog too!)


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