My Daughter’s Brand of Magic


It doesn’t seem to matter what stage my daughter is at. I often look at her with wonder and think, there is no way I will ever forget this.

But then she evolves and I struggle to remember. What exactly was she like at two years old? That other version of her fades away and the person who she is right now is front and center, stealing the show. Sure, I remember in broad strokes what she was like at two (there was a lot of climbing…) but the details of her brand of magic at that age seem so fuzzy.

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Right now my daughter is 3 1/2. She still says “Lello” (yellow), yesterday asked for a “lollyplop” (aww!!) and would prefer being naked to anything else. I have a hunch this won’t last forever.

All I can do is stay present to it all. Soak in her little whispers (‘Mommy, let’s pretend to be an alligator and get daddy!’) and try not to laugh when she stands, pouting, arms crossed, imploring “I want a Pogistle (popsicle) right now!”

You now the old adage, this too shall pass? Well I tend to like that saying when life is craptastic. But when life is lovely and joyous and maketh my heart overfloweth, well, it seems more than a tad unfair. photo-1460176449511-ff5fc8e64c35.jpeg

Nevermind. This version of her magic will blend in the background when the new one emerges. And I certainly wouldn’t want to miss that.

Do you have any tricks for remembering the magic?  Please feel free to share below or on Twitter orFacebook.






  1. Emily Bresin says:

    This is beautiful! I find I have to remind myself to always be present in the moment. Time moves so quickly and my baby girl will be all grown up before I know it! I don’t want to miss anything by being stuck in the past or always looking to the future…

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    1. Thank you for the lovely comment! Oh, it is so hard to stay present isn’t it? Especially when it does feel like time is flying wayyy too fast. (Thanks also for the follow – I look forward to reading your blog as well!)


  2. Sarah says:

    Beautifully described! I’m feeling this so acutely right now, wanting to slow down the sweet summer days, preserve the quirky language, replay the waddle down the rocky shore. I seem to dance between being present and capturing the fleeting moments.

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    1. what a beautiful image! Yes to all of this.

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  3. I think staying in the present is life’s greatest lesson (and the one that is overlooked most often.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I couldn’t agree more! (And a skill that I pretty much am always working at!)

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